Continuous Visualization of CO2 Emissions from the Early Design Phase

Development of a Tool to Facilitate Calculation of
Upfront Carbon Emissions during the Design Phase

  • Aim of development

    We developed a tool to outline upfront carbon emissions (CO2 emissions generated from the construction of a building) during its design phase, contributing to a sustainable environment. It is a calculation tool to assess the CO2 emissions from buildings (materials) effectively.

    The tool swiftly calculates upfront carbon emissions from buildings (materials) by synchronizing with the quantities calculated with our cost estimation tool or the quantities derived in the design development, from the initial planning phase to the schematic design phase and the design development phase.

Main characteristics of the upfront carbon emission calculation tool

■Easy operation
Careful selection of materials for calculation allows for quick and easy input.

■Accurate assessment
IDEA is used as the basic unit, and upfront carbon emissions are calculated by accumulating the relevant quantities for an accurate assessment.

The tool performs highly flexible calculations to find the optimal assessment for each requirement. For example, it facilitates comparisons through simulations based on different building types, building type changes, use of low-carbon materials, etc.

■Promoting sustainability
When used in tandem with our cost estimation tool, the tool identifies areas with high environmental impact, promoting sustainable and optimal architectural design so one can implement effective reduction measures based on the estimated construction cost.