MESSAGE from the President

Kume Sekkei's services include not only completed buildings.
All the designers and engineers who are involved in creating architecture are our important assets.

Our job is to respond to a wide range of architectural and urban challenges faced by our society and our clients.

We are seeking not only architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical designers and construction supervisors to design and supervise architectural projects, but also people specializing in areas ranging from upstream fields to peripheral areas, such as urban planning consultants, PM/CM, cost management, and business planning.
We also need a wide range of human resources from generalists who look at the bigger picture, sort out problems, and enable smooth execution of tasks to specialists who can come up with sophisticated answers to specific issues.

At Kume Sekkei, various human resources work together as a team to advance the project and bring architecture to the world. I venture to say, without fear of being misunderstood, that our services include not only completed architecture but also the dedication of all the designers and engineers who worked on it.

We broadly seek human resources who can contribute to society as a member of our team.

Susumu Fujisawa