Mid-career employment

People who joined Kume Sekkei through the mid-career employment process

Barrier-free Communication

In charge of: Architectural Design

As I had expected before joining the company, Kume Sekkei is a firm sincerely committed to architecture. The company has a corporate culture in which people are highly passionate about architecture and strive to raise the level of architectural perfection in a fair and open relationship regardless of age.
One of the advantages of working at Kume Sekkei is that even if you are a new mid-career employee at a branch office, you can still have contact with architects at the head office and other branches through training programs and unions, and have many opportunities to be inspired by highly motivated architects of the same generation.
The Kyushu branch office, where I work, has a cozy and cheerful atmosphere, and the free- address system provides a flexible work environment where I can feel free to consult with my superiors and colleagues. At our company, we have a system where employees are entrusted with the entire process from design to supervision, and although it can be challenging at times, I feel it is rewarding and I am able to grow as a person.

Joined in 2017/ Haruka Nohara, Kyushu Branch

An Environment for Skill Development

In charge of: Architectural Design

I have been engaged in an architectural design at an architecture firm since my last job. After joining Kume Sekkei, I was immediately assigned to work at a branch office, but I had the opportunity to work at the head office for a while as part of my training, which allowed me to create connections with colleagues throughout the company.
At the Kyushu branch office, we hold regular study sessions open to all employees, and take an ambitious approach to design. We have a great work environment where we can grow together while inspiring each other every day. Even as a mid-career employee, I am entrusted to undertake challenging projects including facilities that serve as the center of the community, in the same way as new graduates. While design work involves complex conditions and each individual often has different ideas and opinions, I am grateful to be working in a sincere workplace where we respect each other's intentions and strive to find the best answers through earnest discussions.

Joined in 2016/ Motohiro Yanagishita, Kyushu Branch

Workplace with an open culture

In charge of: Architectural design

I joined Kume Sekkei after having worked overseas for years. The work environment at Kume Sekkei is similar to those of design firms in the U.S. because people can work together regardless of ranks in an open office culture. I was relieved to know everyone was cheerful and easy to talk to. The head office is located on the waterfront and offers an open, creative space with a vast atrium, surrounded by trees. I love it.

I usually have lunch at the company cafeteria, and it offers a space where we can meet and communicate with people from other departments. After I started commuting to and from Shiomi, I realized the work environment was great because we feel like we are working in nature while the office is conveniently located since Shiomi is three stations from Tokyo Station on the Keiyo Line. Corporate systems, such as no working on Sundays and no overtime on Wednesdays, enable me to have a proper work-life balance.

Joined in 2015/ Kazuko Nakao, Architectural Design Department I

A Company with a home-like atmosphere

In charge of: Mechanical engineering

I was in charge of facility construction supervision at my previous company. When I was considering a career change, I saw Kume Sekkei's website and got the impression that the company has a homey atmosphere. I joined Kume Sekkei, and found out that my impression of the company was not wrong. Everyone warmly welcomed me, and I think they genuinely tried to work with me even though I didn't have sufficient knowledge of facility design. As I often have to respond quickly to design changes made in the course of our work, I always try to respond to them at an early stage and coordinate tasks by closely cooperating not only with people in charge of mechanical equipment like me but also with people in charge of electrical equipment who are working on the same floor.

The Environmental Technology Division holds a plan review meeting after a schematic design is completed, and we have the opportunity to make presentations to the members of the same department about twice a month. I learn by listening to their presentations, and I will have to make presentations in the future, so I am nervous, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to it.

Joined in 2017/ Koichi Nagamatsu, Environmental & Engineering Design Department I

I value new ideas

In charge of: Electrical engineering

It's been over 10 years since I joined Kume Sekkei as a mid-career worker, and I've had many opportunities to work on special projects, such as the Olympic facilities and laboratories. Because the team values new ideas, I feel they respect my opinions very much. Though I'm in charge of electrical engineering, I sometimes develop and design electrical equipment systems from scratch in some projects, so I find it very rewarding to create time to think within a limited amount of time to get things done.

Because there are many employees in our office, discussions with people from other departments can lead to new ideas. Though my work is quite hard, I find it intriguing that the company has an environment that helps us to keep working on socially responsible projects.

Joined in 2006/ Tomohiko Kouno, Environmental & Engineering Design Department II

Rich environment in central Tokyo

In charge of: Urban development

When I was working on a commercial area development at a small architectural firm, I was facing a dilemma in advancing the project because I could see that the client was troubled from the stage where a big vision was being created. After joining Kume Sekkei, I feel that I am able to work in a good working environment because I look around myself and see professionals in real estate, urban planning and cost estimates to realize a project.

The Urban Development Solutions Department, where I work, holds regular weekly meetings where the head of the department participates, so we have opportunities to express our opinions directly. Because there are many highly experienced superiors and many energetic young employees, they become an inspiration to me. I also like the fact that the head office is located right in front of a canal, so there is more room for relaxation than in the city.

Joined in 2016/ Tetsushi Ishida, Urban Development Solutions Department

Excellent training programs

In charge of: Supervision

Though I was nervous because I changed jobs when I was 44, once I joined Kume Sekkei, I was surprised to find that there were many in-house training programs. I think I learned how to work as a member of Kume Sekkei in those training sessions and was able to focus and work on tasks from an early stage.

At the Supervision Department, where I belong, we have a monthly meeting to discuss the current situation and other issues that arise in the projects we are working on. Those meetings give us opportunities to expand our knowledge by learning about the situations of other projects. I think it is great that I can take advantage of my technical skills while doing what I like, and I'm proud of the fact that I can get involved in projects that attract public attention.

Joined in 2015/ Tadashi Shimomichi, Supervision Department