Kume Sekkei's human resource development program

People support Kume Sekkei.
Kume Sekkei has developed an original training program focusing on human resource development that promotes employee growth and conducts company-wide training with the aim of developing personalities and design skills.
In addition, we develop programs in a wide range of fields, such as training that caters to each employee's job and position to improve our organizational strength, training to improve their expertise, and training to improve their language skills.
We develop new human resource development programs every year so that each one of us can grow on a daily basis as professionals who contribute to society and support an studio-type large-scale architectural design firm.

New employee training

This is an initial development program for new employees and some of the employees who joined the company through the mid-career employment process.
Orientation training on in-house rules, business manners, ethics, confidentiality, and organization for all departments and basic design training on CAD and BIM for departments in charge of designs and technologies are conducted for approximately. five months.
In the latter half of the basic design training period, employees learn basic and advanced technologies directly from their seniors in a more practical setting in proposal training sessions and execution design training.
In addition, our overseas training and branch training allows employees to visit overseas offices or branches and learn various local working methods to improve their communication skills in a wide range of areas.

Personality/design skill training

This is a training program for designers, engineers, and PR persons to improve their personal skills, including personalities that inspire others, and design skills. The program consists of design skill development training, management skill training, and marketing skill training.
In the design and management courses, we train PAs (Project Architects) to improve their design skills, technical skills and work execution capabilities, and to create works that will satisfy customers and gain high social recognition.
Marketing training is designed to develop a well-balanced set of general marketing skills and excellent planning skills to develop an organization that responds in a timely manner to meet the demands of highly specialized clients and large-scale projects of a highly social nature.

Manager training

We provide manager training for mid-level employees who are promoted based on their positions.
We provide training in a wide range of areas that include budget management, human resources development, mental health, compliance, security, and risk management so that project architects (PA) can acquire skills that they must have as leaders through step-by-step training.

Other training programs

Technical training
In order to keep abreast of the latest information on design and technology, we hold monthly technical presentations by in-house instructors as well as outside instructors and exhibition briefings by manufacturers.

Language training
With an eye toward complete internationalization, we provide training sessions for technical employees to improve their English skills, short-term training at KDA (Kume Design Asia) for young employees, and staff networking events with overseas architectural design firms.