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Architectural Design

In undertaking architectural design projects, Kume Sekkei is commited to achieving the client's vision by harnessing the valuable experience and cutting-edge technical capabilities it has cultivated over 75 years of design activities. A team of experienced professionals is formed for each design project, whether the building is an office, hotel, school, hospital, or other facility, comprising experts in the relevant area chosen from among 550 architectural designers and engineers, and deploying the most advanced technologies.
We arrive at the optimum solution by integrating related specialty areas with architectural design at the core in all processes of the project, from the survey and planning stage to the design, construction, management and operation stages.
Kume Sekkei is committed to sustainable architecture that can function as a social asset, contributing to the global environment and to the development of communities and regions.

  • Offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational and Cultural Facilities
  • Hotels and Residential Facilities
  • Commercial and Logistic Facilities
Governmental Halls, Public Facilities,Offices Medical Facilities,Welfare Facilities  Educational Facilities,Libraries,Training Facilities,Museums/ Art museums,Cultural Facilities,Sports Facilities Hotels/Accommodation,Residential Facilities Commercial Facilities,
	Research Institutes,
	Logistic Facilities/Warehouses