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Civil Engineering and Landscape Design

Civil Engineering

Kume Sekkei has conducted civil engineering for the infrastructures which support the buildings. Especially in civil engineering design, we have sought to help reduce the load on the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling resources and materials to conserve limited global resources. Actual infrastructure development and design encompasses roads, rainwater drainage facilities, regulating reservoirs, bridges, and retaining walls. We also undertake related services, such as applications for development permit, geographic surveys, and geological surveys.

Landscape Design

Kume Sekkei looks upon landscape design as the creation of an external environment. To create fulfilling, pleasant and comfortable environments, the landscape design must be integrated with the architectural design. We have proposed diverse landscape designs, including gardens, parks, external facilities, outdoor lighting, signs, and public art, as well as green roofing and townscape development.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Gamadasu Dome
(Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall)
Kitakami Community Center