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Management Services

Management Services by Kume Sekkei

Since the 1990s, Kume Sekkei has gone beyond the framework of conventional design and contract administration services, and provided highly client-focused management and consulting services. We have been active in our initiatives in PM, CM, and FM services, developed organizations and human resources, and built an impressive track-record and store of expertise. Today, we are capable of offering comprehensive solutions to client needs in all phases of a project.

Management and consulting services offered by Kume Sekkei

Business Development Solutions
	Project Management (PM)
	Facility Management (FM)
	PFI Projects (overall management and advices)
	Cost Management
	Interior Design Management
	Earthquake Resistance Analysis
	Coordination and Management of Designers 
	and Expert Consultants
Development Management (DM) Construction Management (CM) Low Carbon Project Management Environmental Assessment Surveys for Tenant Leasing Surveys on Existing Facilities (Due Diligence) Deteriorated Diagnosis Facility