Kume Sekkei was founded in the year 1932 by Dr. Gonkuro Kume as a private architectural design office (atelier office) and has currently grown to an organization of approximately 650 professionals. Inheriting the founding architect's spirit who sought to “fuse engineering and design” while simultaneously being an entrepreneur, we would like to contribute to society through design activities that value the individuality of designers and engineers as an "atelier-type comprehensive design firm."

We have worked diligently to create buildings and cities that meet the needs of society and our clients. As a result, we have grown to become a design firm that can design structures for a vast range of uses, including offices, government buildings, educational and cultural facilities, hospitals, hotels, and commercial buildings, as well as handling wide variety of project scales, from large-scale mixed-use developments such as Yebisu Garden Place to single-use buildings.

In addition, every one of our employees is a specialist with not only design and engineering skills, but also social skills, and we strive to build a brand image that is different from that of our competitors by always being close to our clients and responding to them with hospitality.

We at Kume Sekkei are confident that we will continue to meet the expectations of society and our clients by providing a system and services as a “total solution firm.” We offer a one-stop solution to the various issues that the community and our clients face as they become more sophisticated and complex, whether it is about architecture, real estate utilization, civic services, or anything else related to architecture and urban development.

Susumu Fujisawa