Tochigi Prefectural Athletic Park
Track and Field Stadiumt

An Environmentally Symbiotic Stadium That Gives Shape to the Environment

Column: Kume Sekkei's Approach to Eco-friendly Architecture (1)
Masayuki Orima, Executive Manager, the Second Building Services Engineering Department

Toward a Decarbonized Society:
A Design Approach That Satisfies Both Spatiality and Energy Conservation

Okayama City Hospital

Seeking a New Form of the City Hospital

Enviromental & Engineering Department
Principal Engineer Kazuya Senba

Continued Commitment to Safety and Security Since the Kume Method of Earthquake-resistant Wooden Construction

Chiba University Sumida Satellite Campus

Extensive Renovation of Former Sumida Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

Japan Broadcasting Corporation Nara Station

Broadcasting Station Coexisting with the Community

Demonstration Experiments at
Kume Sekkei's Office 01: K-Lounge

Exploring the Future of Workplaces

Tsu City Hisai Ars Plaza

The First Theater in Japan Designed According to the Theater Law

Ariake-nishi Gakuen

Wooden School Building to Bridge Nine Years of Children's Lives

National Ainu Museum

Place of Origin. Museum That Conveys and Connects the History and Culture of the Ainu People, Starting from Here and Evolving.

Nagoya Campus TAIHO,
Nagoya Gakuin University "GLOBAL LINKS"

Designing the Scenes of Learning

Ishioka City Hall

A Dynamic Form That Conveys a Sense of the City

Grand Precia Shibaura

A New Condominium Style

Column: Architecture in the Post-COVID-19 Era (2)
Motokazu Sato (Managing Corporate Officer, Project Promotion Department)

Medical Facilities After COVID-19

Kama City Hall

Responding to the Historical Background and the Local Environment

Column: Architecture in the Post-COVID-19 Era (1)
Susumu Fujisawa (President, Kume Sekkei)

Gonkuro Kume and the Spanish Flu

Yamanashi Prefecture
Children's Mental Health Support Plaza

Aiming to set up a base for children's mental healthCare

Otawara City Hall

Aiming to Realize a City Hall That Will Become a Symbol of Earthquake Reconstruction

Japanese Red Cross Kochi Hospital

Aiming to Create a New Hospital Model to Support the Sustainability of Regional Healthcare

Shinjuku TOKYU MILANO Redevelopment

Envision the future of an attractive city

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Design with a focus on “experience”

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Inheritance of values

Aichi Prefectural Aichi High School of Technology and Engineering

Making things and contributing to the growth of the students

Minamisanriku Town Hall building

Look beyond the reconstruction of the town and develop a place that is always there for you

Chutoen General Medical Center

Integration of two municipal hospitals to develop an LCB hospital designed to survive the Tokai Earthquake

Yebisu Garden Place

Bountiful city

Kasumigaseki Common Gate Central Government Building No. 7

Urban development through preservation and restoration and landscape coordination

akasaka Sacas

Reconstruction with the memories we inherit from the land and the town