At Kume Sekkei, we focus on management and consulting from the customer's point of view, and in addition to project management and commercial work, we have been actively involved in various consulting services and have accumulated a wealth of business experience and know-how by building a management system and training our personnel. Today, we are proud of our ability to provide one-stop solutions to meet the needs of our clients at every stage.

DM: Development management service
We conduct development planning based on locational surveys and market environment surveys, feasibility studies, and volume studies in land development projects. Furthermore, we also conduct tenant layout planning and MD planning, in addition to the planning of development conditions, development of a model income and expenditure plan, formation of business teams, and consideration of a financial scheme. In our DM service, we collect and provide land information, invite tenants, raise funds, and sound out investors before inviting investment from them as needed.

PFI management/Advisory service
Utilizing Kume Sekkei's track record of achievement and accumulated expertise in the PFI business, we actively work on advisory services for clients and provide supervision and management services for contractors in many PFI projects implemented by national and municipal governments. For the operators, we are actively involved in and participate in the management function of SPCs (Private Finance Initiative companies).

Cost control & management
In the early stages of planning, we prepare an appropriate budget, check its consistency with the design, and manage the project according to the budget while keeping abreast of construction market trends. In addition, we also study and propose various tendering methods and propose the most appropriate method for projects that is beneficial for our clients.

Scope of Service

  • FM: Facility management
  • Development project planning, plan/tenant leasing survey
  • Interior supervision service
  • Seismic testing/building deterioration diagnosis/existing facility survey (due diligence)
  • Coordination and management service for designers and professional consultants
  • Low-carbon management
  • Environmental assessment service