Environmental design starts with accurately analyzing local natural environments and regional characteristics. We develop a comfortable environment in a rational and economical manner through architectural methods that reduce environmental loads and that take advantage of the blessings of nature and high-efficiency building MEP equipment technologies.

Reducing environmental loads through architecture
By reducing and controlling solar radiation and increasing thermal insulation, the capacity of mechanical equipment can be reduced. Architectural features such as eaves and sun-shielding louvers are taken into consideration using digital design, and an architecture design that reduces operational energy and running costs is achieved.

Utilization of the blessings of nature
After understanding the regional characteristics, architecture effectively utilizing the blessings of nature is designed by taking into consideration such factors as light (natural lighting), wind (natural ventilation/outdoor air cooling), water (stormwater/groundwater), soil (geothermal heat), and greenery (rooftop/wall greening) to reduce environmental loads.

High-efficiency MEP equipment
Applicable and low-cost HVAC, sanitary, and electrical equipment systems are designed to conserve energy, create comfortable thermal environment, provide pleasant light and visual environment with good air quality, and to improve the efficiency of building and management operations.

Active promotion of ZEB consulting
Japan's Basic Energy Plan calls for the realization and promotion of ZEB.
We are actively promoting ZEB consulting and the realization of ZEB.

Realization of ZEB by performance verification
We conduct performance verification (commissioning) in every phase of design, construction, and operation to support the realization of ZEB.

  • ZEB Orders Received in FY2023

  • < 300 sqm < 2000 sqm ≧ 2000 sqm
    0 case 0 case 8 cases
  • Achievement Target

  • At least 50% of design and consulting work awarded to the company in FY2025 shall be ZEB.

Scope of Service

  • ZEB consulting
  • Energy-saving planning
  • Global warming prevention planning
  • LCA calculation