Civil Engineering
Kume Sekkei is engaged in infrastructure development design that helps architecture to function. Particularly in civil design, it supports land use plans that take advantage of the terrain characteristics of the project sites as part of landscape design expected of a large-scale architectural design firm and architectural designs as incidental civil designs that help buildings survive natural disasters, such as torrential rains that have been becoming more frequent recently. In addition to civil design for land development, retaining walls, roads, stormwater drainage facilities, reservoirs, and stormwater runoff control facilities, we conduct related peripheral work, such as development permission application, surveying, and geotechnical investigation.

Landscape Design
Kume Sekkei sees landscape design as a way of creating an outdoor environment, and designs landscape design that is integrated with architectural design to create an enriching, relaxing, and comfortable space. We propose a variety of landscape designs including garden planning, park planning, exterior planning, outdoor lighting/sign planning, public art planning, rooftop gardening, and streetscape development.

Scope of Service

  • Development work
  • Park/green space planning
  • Landscape master planning
  • Landscape facility/artwork
  • Civil Engineering/landscape Design