Kume Sekkei has established a highly neutral PM and CM team as Kume PCM, which provides PM and CM management services that are independent of the design team.

PM: Project management service
Many architectural projects today require project managers (PM) who have specialized planning and design know-how and who can act as representatives of the project owner to comprehensively coordinate among designers, builders, and other related organizations, in response to the complexity of building functions and the sophistication and diversity of customer needs.
In addition, consistent management of a project from the planning and design stage to the tendering of construction work, construction and operation stages makes it possible to go beyond the framework of conventional design work and provide more advanced and smoother cost control throughout the entire life cycle of a building, schedule management that takes into consideration the entire project, ensuring quality in terms of functionality and environmental protection, and information management, including compliance.

CM: Construction management service
Depending on the commissioning phase, our CM work can be part of the PM work, or we can manage the construction tender and supervision phase independently as a CM work.
We propose and assess specific contractors, promote cost reductions and technical improvement, accelerate and ensure the construction process, coordinate with many stakeholders on behalf of clients, ensure the quality and cost requirements and construction schedule of the construction work, and perform information management.

FM: Facility Management Services
In the area of public facilities, we address urgent issues, including the formation of individual plans, facility reorganization, and implementation of public facility management, as well as mid-and long-term measures to implement urban planning based on SDGs, including the extension of service life of buildings, efforts to achieve resiliency and implementation of decarbonization roadmaps. We provide a wide range of services such as planning, formation, and implementation of public FM (facility management) strategies from the standpoint of local governments to support municipal management and urban development.
For private facilities, we, as a reliable partner for CFOs of our client companies, provide consulting services as part of life cycle management measures from the planning stage to the construction and operation stages of facilities, including facility optimization studies in response to the workstyle innovation, DX and CSR, development of systems for appropriate maintenance/management and operation evaluation of owned facility assets, and business sustainability and recovery planning against various risks.

Scope of Service

  • Construction management (CM)
  • Project management (PM)
  • Facility Management (FM)