Children's AI Design Workshop
(Designs by 100 Participants)

Towards a Creative Future

  • New design experiences

    Kume Sekkei offers various experiences for children who will lead the way toward a creative future. The Work Experience EXPO 2023, held for children, offered a hands-on experience in architectural design using the latest AI technology. The event was designed not only to showcase the latest in design tech but also to emphasize the boundless possibilities of a child's imagination in creating unique architectural concepts.

  • An engine for a future:
    the joy of creation

    This new AI-based design experience offered a genuine joy of making things. We believe it is essential to encourage children to unleash their imagination and discover the joy of imagining and creating shapes rather than sticking to traditional methods of form-making, such as kneading clay or piling up blocks. By doing this, we're fostering a future of even greater creative potential in our youth.

  • Image Generation : ArchitectureRealMix by laizhende -

    Image Generation :
    ArchitectureRealMix by laizhende

  • Towards a Creative Future

    Integrating the joys of creation with today's technology has given us fresh insight into the potential applications of new tech. We're dedicated to continuously curating experiences that harness the latest innovations to inspire a child's creative spirit. We're confident that these formative experiences will equip children for success in any field, far beyond just architecture and urban planning.