Community Development in Which Businesses Open Doors to the Community

"Gotanda de Shitanda!!" (We Did It in Gotanda!!)
Social Experiment for Public Space Utilization

  • Social experiments
    in public spaces

    The Gotanda area is home to many start-up companies and the headquarters of many large corporations. In considering a sustainable future vision for the area, we first wanted to explore the town's attractions, challenges, and possibilities extensively. We conducted social experiments using roads and open public spaces to uncover hidden needs and find clues as to how we can address these needs and create a bustling community.

  • Businesses open doors
    to the community

    We conducted various experiments in public spaces with local businesses with whom we collaborated, including a lawn square on the driveway, a tatami parklet, gardening and science experiment classes in the open space, telework on the driveway, a graffiti workshop, a judo experience, and more. Each company tried to engage with the community through projects in their area of expertise.

  • New potential of the area

    While the Gotanda area is often perceived as a business area, these social experiments attracted many visitors from the child-rearing generation. In addition, data measurement using AI cameras, conducted in collaboration with a start-up company supported by Gotanda Valley, confirmed a flow of people exceeding that under normal conditions. It was a significant achievement for considering the future development of the city's attractions. Companies become involved in the community to create and expand touchpoints with residents and enhance the community's attractive aspects. It is also critical to properly assess these activities and visualize them through data measurement.

Setting up a community development platform

People from diverse demographics, such as companies, stores, universities, and residents, come and go in the Gotanda area. Many individuals, groups, and companies aspire to connect with the community and contribute to its enrichment, but at present, each entity is working separately. We believe it is possible to promote sustainable community development by setting up a platform where many entities can participate and collaborate. We will work with the community members to create this platform.