When architecture is designed, the three requirements of safety, comfort and durability must be met in response to the needs of the times. However, the level of performance will certainly change over the course of time.
For example, in terms of safety, there are a number of measures that can be taken to improve seismic resistance, tile delamination and repair, and asbestos removal. In order to ensure comfort, the reduction of environmental impact is also a social requirement as well as an improvement of functional deterioration and renewal of facilities.
We support the renovation of high-quality building stocks by utilizing our accumulated expertise and adding new value to extend the life of many building stocks to a level of performance appropriate for the times.
Through renovation, safety and security are provided, while at the same time improving the value of business assets and extending their life as social assets.

Scope of Service

  • Seismic testing/earthquake resistant design/deterioration survey
  • Building deterioration diagnosis/mid-term maintenance planning
  • Planning and designing for change of use (conversion)
  • Renewal of exterior/interior design
  • Extending the life of building assets
  • Due diligence service (creation of engineering reports)
  • ESCO business support/consulting
  • Energy saving/ labor saving/ improvement of environmental functions
  • Provision of barrier-free access