Kume Sekkei creates urban spaces that resonate with local people by proposing comprehensive design that includes the environments, disaster prevention, landscapes, and historical preservation, as well as business feasibility through urban development projects such as large-scale developments and legal redevelopment projects in various parts of Japan.
In addition, we have a wide variety of experience in urban development coordination services, including large-scale mixed-use development utilizing idle lands, such as old factory sites, and planning and consulting services that include urban policies and planning.

Urban renewal by realizing complex urban development projects
With the aim of creating attractive towns that makes the most of regional characteristics, we started focusing on the development of scenic towns early on and have built up many achievements so far.
Our integrated and comprehensive mixed-use development projects utilizing large-scale old factory sites include Yebisu Garden Place, Olinas Kinshicho, and the Dai Nippon Printing Ichigaya Plant Redevelopment Project. Our central Tokyo development projects include akasaka Sacas and the Shinjuku Tokyu Milano Redevelopment Project. We realized these projects by using appropriate development techniques so that the restrictions applied to the floor-area ratio and building height can be mitigated, as well as building a consensus with local residents and government agencies as well as ensuring project schedule integrity.

Comprehensive project coordination as an urban planning consultant
Since 1969 when the Urban Renewal Act came into effect, we have been working as an urban planning consultant for urban redevelopment projects in regions all over Japan.
We are able to comprehensively coordinate projects from launch to management and operation.

Scope of Service

  • Land use planning
  • City redevelopment
  • Urban revitalization planning
  • City renewal planning